Are aluminum or fiberglass ladders better?

fiberglass platform ladder

When choosing a ladder, we always consider the working height we work on and what type of ladder we should get. In this article, we will explain the differences between Aluminium ladder and Fiberglass ladder and why should we choose them. 

1) Aluminium Ladder

Aluminium is a silvery-white, lightweight metal. This is a material that lightweight, making them easy to transport, and are non-corrosive. In order to increase the strength of the aluminium materials that meet the safety requirement, special treatment has been included in the manufacturing process. Therefore, the quality of the aluminium ladder is different from the general aluminium materials. 

Comparing with the general fiberglass ladders. aluminium ladders are lighter, which makes it easier to carry. It can be a far more portable option. 

Another difference is the price. Most aluminum ladders, including different types such as platform ladder, extension ladder or double-sided ladder, more more affordable than fiberglass ladders. Why Aluminium ladders are more affordable?

2) Fiberglass Ladder 

The manufacturing process of fiberglass material is more complicated and the cost is higher. Fiberglass material is made by arranged, flattened and combined fiber, without any metal material. Therefore, it fiberglass ladder does not conduct electricity, which means they are safety around power lines.

Besides electrical works, fiberglass ladders also work well in wet and sloppy conditions. Aluminium ladder is fairly resistant to weather and heat, but a fiberglass ladder is even more resistant. Besides a safety standard, a good fiberglass ladder should be certified by weather resistance test. It proves fiberglass ladders are more durable.

Due to the cost of manufacturing process, fiberglass ladder, especially fiberglass extension ladder may be more than a household user want to afford. Most of the user believe they do not need ladders with high safety level or function such as working with electricity. Therefore, aluminium ladders are very common in household use. 

However, for the uses who work daily with the ladders, especially the electricians, choosing fiberglass ladders is very important to keep safe in the workplace. 

Most of us daily see fiberglass ladders on electrician vehicles. The ladders with yellow, blue, green or black are the fiberglass ladders. 

In the workplace, not every industry pay much attention on work at height safety or ladder safety. Injuries are not predictable, a moment’s forethought can prevent harm. Choosing a right ladder for your specific situation can protect ourselves and increase our work effectiveness. This is the reason Dr Safety pay attention to our customer work situation and work details. Providing a correct product and advice is part of our missions.