Treemate Tripod Ladder

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Tripod Ladders are the safest, most stable and practical garden ladders around.Our customers include tree surgeons, topiary specialists, institutional and estate gardeners, orchard owners, hedging contractors, permaculturists and and landscapers. Countless gardening enthusiasts appreciate the stability and practicality of the tripod design.

The wide base, deep steps, telescopic back leg, as well as broad clawed feet and flat top make the Tripod Ladder incredibly safe and easy to use. Similar to the design of the Eiffel Tower, your weight is directed downwards and outwards, pinning the ladder to the ground.

Tripod Ladders are designed for large topiary and hedges. You can work face to the hedges, with the 3rd leg poked into the hedge, or sideways, with the ladder parallel to the hedge.

Ideal for orchard work, both for picking and pruning,  they’re also wider at the base than A-Frames( four legs), adjust for slopes.

The Ladders are welded, extruded aluminium construction, weatherproof, strong and very light. It can be easily carried by a household owner, not only the professionals.

Double Rungs are easy on the feet, and resist getting muddy or slippery.


ModelWeightWidthSpreadFolded LengthSSH*Hedge (guide)StepsLoading


Which Step to choose?

Every Garden, every gardening and every job is different. It is important to get a suitable height for your gardening work.

You can use our SSH ( Safe Standing Height) with your own height, and the height of the job in hand. For example, you are 1700mm tall and a 12 step ladder total height is 3670mm. The SSH is 2530mm ( 3 Steps from the top). The height you reach at head level would be 4230mm. After that,  you can consider the way you work. Do you have to reach by your hand? Do the tools stay at your shoulder level?

After the consideration we will know the height and step we need. We recommend our customers contact us to discuss.

Estimated Delivery Time

NSW – 2-3 working days

QLD – 1-2 working days

VIC – 2-3 working days

ACT – 4–5 working days

WA – 3-4 working days

SA – 3–4 working days

TAS – 6 working days


Check our Instagram and see how our customers use the tripod ladder
Check our Instagram and see how our customers use the tripod ladder
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