U-SAFE Fiberglass Platform Ladder

U-safe Fibreglass Platform Ladder - Dr Ladder


Considering our customer’s safety in workplace is at the heart of every idea from Dr Safety. Whether you are electrician, carpenter, painter or household user, your experience from purchase to maintenance of the ladder is always part of our design consideration philosophy.

The U-Safe Platform Ladder’s concept is to solve the safety issues using the ladder.Using the idea of scaffolding, U-Safe is the no.1 safety ladder to protect our customer in the work environment 360 degree.

U-safe Fibreglass Platform Ladder - Dr Ladder
U-Safe DR LADDER Platform Ladder
U-Safe DR LADDER Platform Ladder

U-SAFE 360 Degree Protection

Different from others, U-SAFE Platform Ladder pay more attention to details.

There is in-built toe board on the platform to minimise potential risks such as slips and falls, besides the anti-slip platform surface design.

In-Built Handrail and 360 Degree Guardrail provide all round protection to user and enable them to work 360 degree with the guardrails surrounded.

Fall Protection Net is the helper for the user to minimise the risks of falling objects. It is the protection fro both workers working on or under the ladder. The Fall Protection Net pass the BS EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014 Flammable Test.

V-STEP is patented by DR LADDER.
The design concept is to improve the durability of the step and loading capacity. With the V-STEP design, the durability of the ladder has been increased and make user feel exceptionally safe on the ladder.

7 Layers Fiberglass Material

DR LADDER apply 7-Layers Fiberglass on their product. The more the layers the stronger the finished product will be.
Besides, the fiberglass material has been UV Tested.

ModelWeightWidthSpreadLengthPlatform HeightSuggested Working HeightStepsLoading
PL-SFY0523.575.5cm140.8cm235.9cm139.9cm300cm – 330cm5150kg
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